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WGP NOS Delrin Trigger Upgrade

WGP NOS Delrin Trigger Upgrade

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This kit includes:

WGP™ Delrin Trigger Plate

This is a trigger plate for Inception frames that are to be used with WGP™ body systems (and Inception Retro Series guns) and front blocks (where the 3-way sits lower). This trigger plate has a shorter three way slot and uses a single ramp angle for the sear activation which makes the trigger pull lighter and smoother (not snappy) and is like the best old school custom trigger pulls of that style.

    Sear Spring Kit

    This is the spring that goes under the back of the sear and pushes it up to engage it with the hammer lug.

    • Light
    • Medium Light
    • Medium
    • Heavy
    On initial install we recommend using the medium trigger return spring and the medium light sear spring.

    These are for Autocockers only. Using this trigger plate with a pump gun that has an Autotrigger will result in premature wear and is not covered by warranty.
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