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Universal IVG - Polished Black

Universal IVG - Polished Black

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This is the 2nd version of the universal threaded IVG. If you prefer the previous version they are available but you must request it when ordering. This will work in 2k+ threaded WGP bodies (including Karnivor) and it will work in all Inception and Empire Autococker or Sniper gun bodies.

The IVG comes with two "tension" o-rings. Use the thinner one for all WGP based bodies and use the thicker one for all Empire or Inception based bodies where the IVG area starts with a section of larger diameter that is not threaded.

The center hole is designed to take a 3/16 allen key and to be used with mid blocked guns or full body guns with a cocking rod without the cocking rod installed, but to make it super easy you can leave the cocking rod in place (it fits through the center hole) and use a 1/8th allen key in one of the outer allen key holes to adjust your spring tension.

The IVG comes with the slots milled to allow use in a Karnivor or similar body with a beavertail. Be sure the slot aligns with the beavertail screw hole before installing and tightening the beavertail screw. If you beavertail screw locks into the IVG be sure to use your regulator for all velocity adjustments from then on.

The Karnivor ICS system uses a larger shaft that will not fit through the center hole in this IVG. This IVG is intended for guns with cocking rods, not ICS. With that said we do have several customers that have purchased this, drilled the center hole just slightly larger and used it very happily with the Karnivor ICS. You can then use a standard 1/8th allen key to adjust your velocity, which is nice. ;)
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