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Trident Bolts

Trident Bolts

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This is the ultimate in modern Delrin bolts utilizing all of the learning from Paintball's history and incorporating it all into one new product.

This bolt utilizes a three port face design with anti-stack-clipping chamfered front which helps reduce barrel breaks especially with the small paint we so often see nowadays.

This bolt has a front sealing o-ring and both valve port o-rings making it extremely efficient.

The bolt comes with two sets of o-rings (three o-rings in each set) for easy matching to your guns bore. The smaller o-rings are mainly for older generation guns, and the larger o-rings for more modern guns like our Retro series or AKA guns. The harder o-ring goes on the bolt tip and the softer o-rings on either side of the valve port.

The Bolt is made from lightweight delrin which is self lubricating. It is also turned and milled with slots to reduce weight and friction in the bolt bore.

The gas port is enlarged to work with every variation of gun body, new, old and from many different manufacturers. The three large gas transfer ports are designed to maximize your velocity, consistency and efficiency whilst keeping blowback to a minimum.

The bolt has a timing hole for allen key clearance that means you do not have to remove the bolt to adjust your hammer lug.

Lightweight delrin bolt pin is included with the full body bolt. It comes with everything needed for immediate install and use.

The bolt has side bolt pin holes only, They will not work with a top located bolt pin.

Ball detent slots are milled on both sides of the bolt for compatibility with all detent types.

The Mid Block bolt should work with all mid blocked guns using a sled between the tubes.

The Full Body bolt is for 2K+ body style and dimensioned guns.
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