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Inception Designs

Master Screw Set

Master Screw Set

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This is a master set of all the screws you should need (and more) to build a full Autococker or Sniper. All screws/bolts are stainless steel unless otherwise noted

It includes:

1) VASA Bolt/Screw
1) Valve Set Screw X
2) Cocking rod tension Screw - Nylon
1) Feedneck Lever Screw
1) Locking Screw for Inception Feedneck
1) Locking Screw for Empire Feedneck
2) T-Slot Mounting screws
1) Sear Adjustment screw
4) Grip Screws Round Head 6-32
4) Grip Screws Flat Head 6-32
4) Grip Screws Round Head 8-32 for Ergo grips
2) Frame to WGP Body Mounting screws
2) Frame to Inception or Empire 11/16ths bodies Mounting Screws
1) Beavertail Mounting Screw
1) Inception Beavertail Locking Screw
2) Inception Cocking rod Locking Screw - Nylon
1) Inception Autotrigger Lever Screw
2) Detent cover screws
2) Flathead Screws 10/32 1/4
2) 10/32 3/16 X2
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