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FLE Hinge "RIP" Frame

FLE Hinge "RIP" Frame

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Trigger Plate
These are hinge frames that will fit on any Autococker or Sniper (including all Inception, Empire and WGP guns). When using the frame on an Inception/Empire or WGP Autococker the only difference is the trigger plate. When selecting an Inception/Empire frame make sure to select the correct configuration as the timing rod height is different depending on the type of gun.

All Empire based guns (Resurrection) use the Empire plate/configuration all Inception Retro Series or WGP based guns uses the WGP Plate/Configuration.
All frames include our roller sear and precision shoulder bolts. They also include three trigger return springs of different strengths (one installed) and our trigger spring guide for the ultimate in smooth triggers and fast trigger response. Frames come with mounting hardware.

This frame will come as you select: anodized in polished black, matte black or unanodized polished RAW.

This hinge frame is revolutionary in that you do NOT need to change the hose configuration when swapping it out for a slider frame. With Inception UFC three-ways the hoses all stay with the rear hose to the rear of the ram, middle hose to the lpr and front hose to the front of the ram.

You can install this frame directly onto a Resurrection without changing the hoses (you may need to tweak the timing once installed).

The trigger is mounted with precision roller bearings and uses a camming action to push the trigger plate back. This allows you a fantastic light trigger pull. The trigger has three set screw locations that allow you to change the lever ratio at which the trigger pushes on the trigger plate. This means you can have a shorter but slightly heavier pull (still lighter than any other hinge frame made) or a slightly longer and very light trigger pull. Frames will come as standard with the set screw in the lowest location for the shorter pull.

We recommend the use of an Inception UFC V2 three-way for the shortest and fastest pull possible.

The frames come ready to use, set up for the shorter pull lever ratio. Just install, check your gun's timing, and go play.

The frames come with front and rear trigger stops for the ultimate in trigger pull tuning.

Whilst it is possible to install an Auto Trigger kit for a pump build, it is NOT recommended as the AT CAM will be pushing against a delrin trigger plate and may wear very quickly. This frame is intended for Autocockers and pump guns without AT,

Add the standard .45 grips of your choice to complete this frame. Fits all major brands like Hogue.

Inception grips are currently out of stock and not in production due to ramifications of Covid. We currently do not know if they will be produced again.

    • Fits Empire Resurrection
    • Fits WGP Pump Gun
    • Fits Empire Pump Gun
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