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Drift Kit - Empire Mid Block

Drift Kit - Empire Mid Block

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The DRIFT Pump Kit

The new Drift Pump kit is designed to be the ultimate pump kit. The kit comes with the following features:

  • Fully Fluted Stainless Steel Pump Guide - the flutes allow dirt and paint to be pushed out of the system to keep your pump stroke smooth even during the worst conditions.

  • Quick strip - easily remove one screw to remove the pump assembly for easy cleaning.

  • Ultra low friction - replaceable teflon infused delrin bushings for the ultimate in pump stroke.

  • Stainless steel pump arm - Aluminum is the wrong material for pump arms, that's why all of our kits ONLY use stainless steel.

  • Autotrigger pin included - as it should be.

  • Optional Hitman vertical handle - sold separately, but easy to install.

  • Open source pump handle files - download and print from many designs already made or make your own. Files are on the Inception forums CLICK HERE

  • Available for - 2K+, Minicocker, Extended Reach guns, Empire Sniper & Empire Resurrection, WGP Karnivor
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