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Cocking Rod - Polished Black

Cocking Rod - Polished Black

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This cocking rod can be easily adjusted for length by the threaded rear knob, can be locked down to prevent it slipping (without the use of loctite) and can be used for all full body (guns with back blocks) Autocockers and Snipers.

Comes with a stainless steel shaft, bumper, polished black cocking knob and stainless steel locking set screw.

We recommend the use of the nylon locking set screws (available separately) when using the cocking rod with our universal hammer (also available separately).

If you need to further lengthen or shorten the cocking rod in an Inception hammer we recommend the use of our "Back Block and Mid Block locking screws" screw set available separately.

Black urethane cocking rod bumpers are also available separately.

First try to get the correct length via the adustable knob on the back of the cocking rod. To further make the cocking rod shorter install the short set screw of your choice into the hammer as a replacement for the longer one already installed, and then screw in the cocking rod behind it. To make the cocking rod longer (after extending the adjustable rear knob as far as possible). Replace the hammer set screw with both the shorter ones, the first locking the hammer lug into place and then use the second to create a locking point for the cocking rod to stop against. We recommend removing the cocking rod tension screw (if installed) and making sure the tip of the cocking rod can still be locked down once it is re-installed. If your gun set up requires and even longer cocking rod you may need to just rely on tensioning the cocking rod against the second set screw to keep it in place (a little blue loctite would be recommended in this case).
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